Advantages of Social Media that Every One Should Know

Social Media is an effective online marketing tool. As such, it is present in much of the marketing strategies of companies. According to Hub Spot, 92% of marketers think that social media are important to your business, therefore 80% plan to increase investment in this area. Moreover, the latest report from Social Media Examiner reflected that 97% of companies developing an active presence in social networks. But really what benefits businesses being in social networks? Here are the major advantages of Social Media.

The main benefits of Social Media Marketing are:


Greater visibility

The main benefit sought is the increased visibility of your business in the digital world, the first step to your brand recognition.

Increased Traffic

As a result of the increased visibility on the Internet, a greater number of of people visits to your web site and it is also the product of a strategy of Social Media Marketing

It helps to know the market

A strategic presence in the social media can help to better understand the market in which they operate, with information of real value of which then have been used to refine and improve its marketing offer.

Increases brand loyalty

Especially for those who sell directly to consumers (B2C). Perceiving a higher value, they prefer to use name brand again as they have had a very positive experience with it.

Generate leads

Be present in social networks can attract potential customers without investing in expensive traditional marketing campaigns.

Improved search engine rankings

This is one reason that more and more weight will be charging due to changes in the social sense of Google and other search engines. The SEO of a company is critical to the survival of her internet

Agreements and business partnerships

More than half of marketers that take a year or more in social media have seen firsthand its effectiveness in finding potential partners.

Reducing marketing expenses

Thanks to the flexibility and ease that provides internet when making online actions, almost half of specialists reported reductions in their marketing investment as a result of adopting the SMM over other more traditional approaches.

Improvements in sales

As a direct consequence of other improvements provided by the SMM, there is a direct improvement in sales. This is especially so in the medium term for those who have had a strategic presence in social media networks.

Encourage customer loyalty

Convince & Convert it indicates that more than half of users (53%) following a trademark in the United States is considered more faithful to it. A follow is a vote of confidence, to which the mark must be able to act, valuing the act by the client. Social networks allow this direct contact, offering a unique opportunity to talk face to face and forge a stable and faithful relationship.

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Therefore, one should not underestimate the power of Social Media, but use them as a powerful marketing tool, whose evolution can follow day by day.

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