Best Exercises for Pregnancy

Pregnant women should exercise regularly despite their circumstance. However, the dosage is important because pregnancy has loaded the body. There are some gymnastic exercises, which are specially designed for expectant mothers that promote health and do not harm the unborn child. The following exercises can also be performed well at home. A non-slip mat as the base is not essential, but advantageous. Pregnant women should work out about three times 20 minutes a week, while not rush and let the matter go slow.

The difference with the regular gym

The prenatal exercises differs in some significant aspects from conventional exercises. So it is important, for example, especially in recent months, not overly train the rectus abdominis. A casual and relaxed pelvic floor is important to make the birth as smoothly as possible. Even for this reason alone prohibit, for example exercises with sit-ups. Sit-ups not only shortens the abdominal wall. A good pregnancy exercise aimed rather seeks to strengthen the obliques and thereby also relieve the back.


Exercises from the 8th week

Exercise is healthy at every stage. Especially in the first months of pregnancy it is still much more agile. Who operates sufficiently sporty at the beginning of pregnancy, makes an excellent preparatory work and can effectively prevent pregnancy-related complaints. An exercise ball is not required for the following exercises normally.

Natal exercises for calves:

Imagine you are on your tiptoe and grab it in the air Rockers with the toes up and down, which strengthens the calves and prevents varicose veins.

Pelvic floor:

In this way pregnant women can strengthen their pelvic floor and prevent premature bladder weakness. Lie relaxed on your back and keep you lose arms. As you inhale quietly, put one foot on the second. Now exhale and press the feet firmly together. It is important to tighten the buttocks, abdomen and thigh muscles. Both the back and the thigh lift gently off the floor. Change the position and repeat the process several times.

For buttocks and back:

Who wants to have a tight butt and a strong back, should complete the following exercise about three times a week:


Lie on your back, bend your legs and place the soles of your feet on the ground. The arms serve as a support. Lift it as far as possible and replace it after a certain time again. Repeat the exercise as often as possible.

Pregnancy gymnastics for the intestine:

To relax the intestines and stretch, it makes sense to kneel down. Place it upside down while on the forearms and stretch your butt in the air.

Pregnancy exercises for the Breast:

During pregnancy, often suffers from the appearance of the breast, it expands, becomes heavier and loses its elasticity. To the effective prevention, it is important to strengthen the chest muscles. Sit in the back cross-legged and squeeze both palms approximately at the level of the chest vigorously against each other. Hold this position for about 15 seconds, then release and repeat the process several times.

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